Sencha Tea Leave 100g
Sencha Tea Leave 100g
Sencha Tea Leave 100g

Sencha Tea Leave 100g

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Sencha Tea Leave ,100 gram

Sencha is the mainstream of Japanese tea. As drinking tea is a daily part of life, we believe that we should only pursue the best in quality and usability. Our sencha is the perfect drink for work at the office, a sip on a journey, or for enjoyment at home. When brewed with hot water, this tea exudes an elegant bitterness natural to Japanese tea. When cooled, a mild flavour of the tea can be enjoyed. We invite you to discover your favourite way of enjoying this tea!

How to brew Sencha

  • The last drop of tea concentrate essence of tea, please pour to the last drop
  • If you like your tea brewed stronger or weaker, simply adjust the amount of water
  • It is okay to add some ice cubes to enjoy iced tea
  • Store the tea leaves in dark, cool, and dry place.